About me:

I am a master massage therapist. In case you think I am bragging [maybe I am a bit] I have 16 years of training and thousands of hours of practice and study in various wellness fields. I want to make available as much information to you as I can, so that that you can increase your quality of life by lessening stress, and the symptoms of chronic or acute pain and injuries. There are so many things that you can do to help yourself!

In looking at hundreds of websites and thousands of ‘cures’, I am disappointed. The lack of the necessary background study, and reasonable claims for whatever a person or company is selling is disturbing to me and dangerous for all of us.

I do not claim to be a physician, psychic, physical therapist, personal trainer or magical healer. I don’t hate doctors, western medicine, or pharmaceutical drugs which in many cases save lives. I believe that knowledge is the key to intelligent health!

Here are my credentials and areas of study:

various postgraduate single certifications, listed in the home page; they vary in hours from 50 upwards.

Master bodyworker [over 5000 hours of experience and training].

Master structural integrationist [1500 hours training]. Simply, we are made up of complex muscle and bony ‘lines’ that over time become uneven or painful. Structural techniques, used for muscle lengthening and easing of shortened ‘lines’, ease chronic pain and irritation, and reset the nervous system to normal. This, like most things, is not a permanent ‘fix all’, but a treatment to stay ahead of what life tosses us!

Energy worker [400+ hours of training]. We are a life form with systems to regulate the flow and power of electric signals, the simplest explanation of the science of neurology. When electric fields get near each other, there is a transfer of energy. Faith healing, laying on of hands, prayer, reiki, hugs, and blessings… whatever name you prefer, it is all the same thing.