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This is a site to learn how to find relief from chronic pain, increase your health with therapeutic massage modalities, and learn some self-care for your body and mind. I offer a broad range of modalities:

•Esselin Swedish

•Therapeutic Basic

•Hot Stone

•Essential oil

•Deep Tissue


•Pregnancy and Postpartum



•Trigger point

•Myofascial Release

•Energy/ Chi corrections

•Connective Tissue

•Structural Integration

Most of these treatments can be mixed into a session. In every original consultation between a client and myself, we discuss details of a physical or wellness concern, and together we choose what to do. Every treatment plan is custom-made, for every person I work with.

I am a practicing therapist and corrective bodyworker, with 16 years experience in the field. Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned a very personal approach, working with each person to find the best combination of treatments for relief of pain, stress, chronic irritation, injuries, and repair of long-standing imbalances in posture and movement. I offer a broad range of modalities.